Tryouts Policies


  1. ALL Players wanting to play in the 2022-2023 Season MUST Register for Tonka United Tryouts whether or not you plan to attend. This is the ONLY way we can place you on a team. Regisration will open in late spring 2022.
  2. Players on Academy & Premier Level teams are required to attend both days of tryouts as are any player interested in moving up a level.
  3. Players who cannot attend tryouts must register for tryouts to be considered for team placement.


  • Teams from Fall to Summer Season are subject to change based on registrations, commitments, and other unforeseen circumstances. For the most part, fall teams will be summer teams.
  • Tonka Fusion Elite and Premier teams are formed first, followed by Academy Teams, then the Select Teams. Players will be contacted via email as to their individual team placement. Placement can also be found by logging into your Tonka United household account in Demosphere.
  • Players will be asked to accept their spot and confirm their commitment to their team within 24 hours of the sent email.
  • Rosters are not finalized until player's have paid their deposit. Payment must be received within stated time period after website notification. After that time the club may offer roster spots to other eligible players.
  • Commitment to Tonka United is valid for both MYSA and US Club Leagues.
  • Tryout Registration fees, Commitment fees and any Competitive Team fees are Non-Refundable.
  • There will be no contesting team placement of any players in any age group.


With every tryout and new season, there comes potential for change and great anxiety from players, parents and coaches alike. We encourage you to remember that each year is a chance to grow, to develop as a player, to develop as a person and to develop a passion for soccer. One year can help you get better, but one year won't define you forever. In fact, some of our players who have thrived the most at the older age levels were moved down to a lower team at some point in their career.

We understand and admire the desire for the players to be on "the best team," but hope that you understand the potential difference between that and "the best team for your player right now." The development path we have created and continued to strive for and strengthen allows for movement of players among play levels. 

The main purpose of tryouts is to help us form teams with players of like soccer abilities. This allows for the most suitable player development environment – where players can have fun, be adequately challenged, and improve game day performance. It is important that every player in our program has the chance to succeed and enjoy playing soccer. Playing above or below one’s level often brings out frustration or boredom. Our goal is to find that perfect balance. Please help support the program by supporting your child – whatever level he or she is placed at.

Thank you, 

Tonka United Staff


What if my player misses assessments/tryouts?

Team placement is heavily weighted on evaluations from tryouts. If you are a current Tonka United player, and unable to attend, the player evaluations provided from the previous season coaches will be used to assist in team placement. If you are currently on a Premier or Academy level team, or you are interested in advancing up a level, you MUST attend tryouts.

Can I watch my child's tryout? 

Parents are not allowed to be near the Tonka United tryout fields, to coach from the sidelines, or to engage in conversation with evaluators.

It’s hard to watch your child be evaluated against others. We all want our kids to be the best, and to have the chance to achieve their goals. Before the tryout, make sure that your child knows you love and support them — an encouraging hug and loving words can be just as inspirational (or even more so) as a fiery motivational speech. Immediately afterwards, don’t add your own analysis to that of the coaches — whether your child made the team or not, a hug from you will be the best thing you can give them.

What if I don't like or agree with my child's team placement?

There will be no contesting or protesting of team formation results. Parents will not be allowed to contest team placement of any player in any age group. The club will not engage in any debate on team placement. Tryout rankings and team rankings are confidential and will not be shared. Players looking for feedback should reference their end-of-season player development plans and coaches evaluations.

In order to maximize player development, we will do our best to place players on teams where they are surrounded by others of similar ability and aspirations. As always and when appropriate, Tonka United may adjust player movement during the early months of winter training as players continue to grow and develop. Players may be moved up (or in some cases down) between late fall through February if there is a team with a better fit for their skill level.


10.3 Play-ups - Administrative

Our policy is that Players participate with the age level defined by USYS, with the following exceptions, subject to concurrence by the parents and player:

  • All Players must attend tryouts at their own age group.
  • Where numbers dictate a move of players up to form a team.

In all cases, play-ups must be approved by the Director of Coaching and Player Development. 

10.4 Play-ups – Skill Based

The goal is to have players play with their USYS age guidelines. If it is decided by the Age Group Directors along with the Director of Coach and Player Development that a player is significantly hindered in his/her growth and development due to a lack of challenge in their current age group a player may be considered for a skill based play-up.

10.5 Guest Play-ups

A player may temporarily play up on a higher age-group team on an as needed basis, consistent with USYS rules, as long as the player fills the roster spot on the players age group team, the players first obligation will always be to the team the player was selected for. Guesting arrangements are to be made through the two coaches involved. The involved coaches must honor the player’s obligation to represent the team for which he/she is rostered.

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