60-day Video Challenge

Tonka United 60-day Soccer at Home Video Challenge

We are excited to be able to offer this enhanced at home training opportunity this winter.  We have partnered with Soccer Sphere (powered by TopYa!) for a one-of-a-kind enhancement to our Soccer at Home training program.  This contest will combine our Tonka videos with the TopYa! skills library to provide our players with more than 50 skill challenge videos to work on over the 2-month contest period.  Great prizes are available for the most active players!


  1. Players download the "Soccer Sphere" app and watch Tonka custom produced skill videos along with TopYa! videos.
  2. Players upload their best attempt at performing the skill and receive points depending on difficulty. It typicaly takes about 12-24 hours for a video to be approved and a player to receive those points.
  3. Compete on the leaderboards - great prizes available! 

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