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The Tonka United Competitive program maintains a two-year uniform cycle. Every two years we switch to a new uniform style which runs concurrently with the product life cycle offered by our sponsor, Adidas. Adidas produces uniform kits on a two-year cycle and after that cycle concludes production, the uniform is no longer available for purchase as the style is discontinued by Adidas. Beginning spring 2022, all Competitive players will proudly represent our soccer community on the field sporting the new Adidas uniforms for a two-year cycle.

All uniform kits are ordered online via through our retail vendor, Stefans Soccer. We do not stock inventory of uniform kits for purchase at Tonka United. Tonka United does have size samples available for all jersey tops, training tees and shorts to try on. We have samples for viewing only (not all sizes are available for try-on) of the warm-up jacket, warm-up pants, and ¼ zip training top. 

Player numbers are assigned by Tonka United and will be provided directly to Stefans Soccer. The jersey numbers are assigned to players based on birth year with intention to eliminate duplicate number conflicts when player movement occurs. Unfortunately due to the volume of registered players on Tonka United Competitive teams, it is not possible to honor any specific jersey number requests. Do not contact Stefans to change your assigned number.

Tonka United Competitive Teams will be starting a new two-year uniform cycle beginning in 2022. Uniform ordering will begin in late October/early November. Watch your TeamSnap and email inbox for ordering details and deadlines.


  • Two base uniforms:
    • Home - Royal Blue
    • Away - Light Grey
  • Dark Grey training tee
  • Each player will be assigned a number by the club
  • All players have the opportunity to try on the uniforms to ensure a proper/comfortable fit prior to purchasing (keep in mind the 2-year cycle of the uniforms) 
  • Uniforms are ordered online via through Stefans Soccer
  • Uniforms will be shipped directly to each family once the order is fulfilled by Stefans

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