Little Juniors Refund Policy

Refund Policy


Tonka United has a limited refund policy. All refund requests must be submitted in writing. Refunds may be given under the following circumstances only:

  • A player cannot be placed on a team within Tonka United due to the lack of a coach or insufficient numbers to fill a team (100% refund)
  • Prior to the scheduled date of game four (4) of the season, a player suffers an injury and is directed not to participate by a medical doctor. In order to request a refund under this provision, a medical doctor's letter must accompany the request verifying the injury and that said injury prevents the player from participating (50% refund).
  • Written request dated before March 10th for Spring/Summer, August 1st for Fall and two weeks prior to the first session of any clinic (Registration Fee Minus $30).
  • Tonka United is required to cancel the league due to unforeseen circumstances or mandate by a government agency a credit for future programming will be given. If the season is cancelled before the start, a full credit will be issued. If the season is cancelled prior to week five (5), 50% credit. After week 5, no credit will be given.

Please note that refunds are not given for cancelled games or clinics due to weather or field conditions.

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