Spring Summer Recreational

Recreational Spring - Summer Soccer

Players: 3rd - 12th Grade

Registration will open winter 2021.


*Canceled due to COVID-19*

Start: late April 
Games nights: Monday-Thursday, see below
Game Location: various, see below
Weekly Practice Night: determined by coach 
Practice Location: determined by coach
End: last week of June - Tonka Blast

Game Nights

Grade Game Nights Location
 3rd Grade Boys  Thursday  Freeman Park
 3rd Grade Girls  Thursday  Freeman Park
 4th Grade Boys  Monday  Freeman Park
 4th Grade Girls  Wednesday  Freeman Park
 5th/6th Grade Boys  Monday  Freeman Park
 5th/6th Grade Girls  Wednesday  Freeman Park
 7th/8th Grade Boys  Tuesday  Freeman Park
 7th/8th Grade Boys  Tuesday  Freeman Park
 High School (Coed)  Monday/Wednesday (teams play only one of these two nights each week

 Minnewashta Elementary (last two weeks - Minnetonka Middle School West)

More Scheduling Details

  • One Saturday game will be added as well - all teams up through the 5th/6th grade leagues will play a game on Saturday, May 16th.
  • The season will start during the last week of April with a schedule practice/scrimmage session for each team. This session for each team will appear as the first game on their schedules.
  • The season ends with the Tonka Blast, a year-ending festival, on Saturday, June 27th. All teams will play scheduled games at the Tonka Blast, expect for those in high school. There will be a lot to do at the Blast, including concessions, food trucks, face painting, hair spray, bounce houses, and much more!
  • Teams are guaranteed seven games over the course of the season. Cancelled games will not be rescheduled, unless a team will be left with fewer than seven games.


 3rd - 7th/8th Grade  7 v 7, including goalkeeper
 High School  9 v 9, including goalkeeper

Referees will be present to manage games.


During the registration process, you are given the chance to designate one friend with whom your child would like to play. During team formation, we will honor only one mutual friend request. This means that the friend must request your child as well in order for that request to be honored. For example, Sarah requests to be placed on a team with Anne, and Anne requests to be placed on a team with Sarah.

Beyond the friend request, we will also try to place players on a team with at least some players from their school. However, registration numbers and the number of players from each school dictate final team formation. 


Spring - Summer Players: $150

Note that this does not include the cost of uniforms. Players MUST order the new uniforms for the fall 2020 season.

A $30 late fee applies after registration closes.