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Fall season games are played on weeknights (M-Th) for the first three weeks of the season and then move to Saturdays for the remainder of the season. Spring/Summer games are weeknights (M-Th) only. The exception would be if a make-up game is scheduled for a Friday evening. Each age group has a designated night for games, as published on the website. Practices are scheduled by the volunteer coaches.

Where do I find my player’s game schedule?

Game schedules are accessed via the Demosphere mobile app. Please download this app to your device, log in using your same Tonka United website login credentials, and all players associated with your Tonka United household account will be visible, along with their team rosters and game schedules.

Where do I get my player’s practice schedule?

Practices are organized at the sole discretion of the volunteer coach. This means the coach will set the days, times, and locations for the team practices and will be responsible for communicating the schedule to the team families. Reach out to your coach if you have specific questions about your team practices.

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