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Tonka Kickers (4 year olds) are provided a team-colored t-shirt (included with registration fee) at the start of their season in May.

Can I pick my own jersey number?

Yes, you may select your own jersey number in the Recreation Program (Little Juniors & Recreational leagues).

Why does my player need two jersey tops?

The Recreation Program is an in-house program. Each team plays another team from Tonka United, with the same jerseys. The team listed as HOME on the game schedule should wear BLUE and the AWAY team should wear RED.

Can my player wear the uniform we got from our neighbor last year?

It depends. If the uniform you received is the current kit we are using for the current playing season, then yes. If it is an older uniform kit from previous years that has been retired, then no - you must use a current uniform kit for the current playing season.

Our daughter played in the Tonka United Rec program years ago and now our son is registered to play. Why do we need to buy a new uniform? 

The uniform cycle for our Recreation Program is three years. The manufacturers' styles are no longer available so they are not available to order for new players or those that have out-grown them. You must use the current uniform kit for the current playing season.

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