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In the Recreation Program, teams are created with a primary focus on community and connection, not skill and ability. Teams are formed based on gender, grade level, school attendance area, teammate/friend requests and availability of volunteer coaches. Friend requests are accepted at the time of registration and only one request per player is allowed. Although we do our best to accommodate these requests, they are not guaranteed. MUTUAL friend requests are honored.

Where can I find my player’s team roster?

Team rosters are available via the Demosphere mobile app. Please download this app to your device, log in using your same Tonka United website login credentials, and all players associated with your Tonka United household account will be visible, along with their team rosters and game schedules.

My player has been on the same team, with the same group of players/coach, for many seasons. Why are we not all together this season?

While we do our best to accommodate friend requests, our team formations also depend on the total number of participants during any given season. In order to allow for equity and balance across the teams in the age groups, sometimes players need to be shifted and moved - including from established teams of seasons past.

Why is my player in a combined age group league (i.e. 3rd & 4th graders)?

Each season teams are formed based on participant numbers. In some age groups, if there are not enough participants to form a league, we need to combine the player pools from another age group in order to create equitable teams with enough players on each roster and enough teams to form the league. 

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