FAQs: Recreation Program

FAQs relating to Tonka Kickers, Little Junior's Ball Masters & Junior Development, and Recreational leagues.

If unable to find an answer, please contact Kelly Loch, Recreation Coordinator.


FAQs 1

How do I register?

All program registration is online on our website. REGISTER HERE. 

When does registration open?

Each playing season has a separate open registration window:

  • Fall Registration: late June - early August
  • Winter Registration: late October - early January
  • Spring/Summer registration: late January - early May

Why can’t I register my high school player (9th - 12th grade) for the Fall season?

The official Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) season for both boys and girls soccer is in the fall. We do not have enough participant numbers to run a fall league for this age group.

My child is in a different grade level than what is available in the registration menu. How do I select the correct program/league for my child?

The registration system is set-up to filter available options based on the participant’s date of birth, while our leagues are formed based on school grade level.  Many times our players have a birth date that is an exception to the traditional school grade level. If you are having issues registering for the correct age group, please contact the Recreation Coordinator (rec@tonkaunited.org) for assistance.

When will I know if my child is off the waitlist?

If your child’s age group is in “waitlist status” when you register, it means that teams are currently full or the registration deadline has passed. Please complete the registration (including full payment) to be placed on the waitlist. You will be contacted by Tonka United Recreation if we are able to get your child on a team (i.e. a spot has become available or another team is formed). If your child is NOT able to be placed on a team, you will be notified within two weeks after the start of the season and receive a FULL REFUND.

My player will miss a few days/weeks of the season. Can we get a discount?

No, we do not prorate registration fees or offer discounts for missed days. Please inform your team coach if your player will miss any practices or games.

My child is no longer available to participate in Tonka United soccer this season. How do I cancel our registration?

If you choose to cancel your registration, you may do so at any time. Please contact the Recreation Coordinator (rec@tonkaunited.org) to communicate your decision in writing. Prior to requesting a refund with your cancellation, please review the Tonka United Refund Policy.

Do you offer scholarships or financial aid to families?

Financial aid is available for players that are eligible based on demonstration of need (i.e. qualified for free or reduced school district lunch or other extenuating circumstances). Submitting an application does not guarantee approval. The application and submittal instructions can be found on the website under the MEMBERS Tab.

Do you offer a discount to families with multiple players in the same registration season?

We do not offer family discounts.


FAQs 2

In the Recreation Program, teams are created with a primary focus on community and connection, not skill and ability. Teams are formed based on gender, grade level, school attendance area, teammate/friend requests and availability of volunteer coaches. Friend requests are accepted at the time of registration and only one request per player is allowed. Although we do our best to accommodate these requests, they are not guaranteed. MUTUAL friend requests are honored.

Where can I find my player’s team roster?

Team rosters are available via the Demosphere mobile app. Please download this app to your device, log in using your same Tonka United website login credentials, and all players associated with your Tonka United household account will be visible, along with their team rosters and game schedules.

My player has been on the same team, with the same group of players/coach, for many seasons. Why are we not all together this season?

While we do our best to accommodate friend requests, our team formations also depend on the total number of participants during any given season. In order to allow for equity and balance across the teams in the age groups, sometimes players need to be shifted and moved - including from established teams of seasons past.

Why is my player in a combined age group league (i.e. 3rd & 4th graders)?

Each season teams are formed based on participant numbers. In some age groups, if there are not enough participants to form a league, we need to combine the player pools from another age group in order to create equitable teams with enough players on each roster and enough teams to form the league. 


FAQs 3

Tonka Kickers (4 year olds) are provided a team-colored t-shirt (included with registration fee) at the start of their season in May.

Can I pick my own jersey number?

Yes, you may select your own jersey number in the Recreation Program (Little Juniors & Recreational leagues).

Why does my player need two jersey tops?

The Recreation Program is an in-house program. Each team plays another team from Tonka United, with the same jerseys. The team listed as HOME on the game schedule should wear BLUE and the AWAY team should wear RED.

Can my player wear the uniform we got from our neighbor last year?

It depends. If the uniform you received is the current kit we are using for the current playing season, then yes. If it is an older uniform kit from previous years that has been retired, then no - you must use a current uniform kit for the current playing season.

Our daughter played in the Tonka United Rec program years ago and now our son is registered to play. Why do we need to buy a new uniform? 

The uniform cycle for our Recreation Program is three years. The manufacturers' styles are no longer available so they are not available to order for new players or those that have out-grown them. You must use the current uniform kit for the current playing season.


FAQs 4

Fall season games are played on weeknights (M-Th) for the first three weeks of the season and then move to Saturdays for the remainder of the season. Spring/Summer games are weeknights (M-Th) only. The exception would be if a make-up game is scheduled for a Friday evening. Each age group has a designated night for games, as published on the website. Practices are scheduled by the volunteer coaches.

Where do I find my player’s game schedule?

Game schedules are accessed via the Demosphere mobile app. Please download this app to your device, log in using your same Tonka United website login credentials, and all players associated with your Tonka United household account will be visible, along with their team rosters and game schedules.

Where do I get my player’s practice schedule?

Practices are organized at the sole discretion of the volunteer coach. This means the coach will set the days, times, and locations for the team practices and will be responsible for communicating the schedule to the team families. Reach out to your coach if you have specific questions about your team practices.


FAQs 5

The Recreation Program uses fields at two locations - St. Therese of Deephaven and Freeman Park - for seasonal games. In the Spring/Summer there are season-ending games played at Minnetonka Middle School West (MMW) during the Tonka Blast.

St. Therese of Deephaven

18325 Minnetonka Blvd. 

Deephaven, MN 55391

Freeman Park

6000 Eureka Road

Shorewood, MN 55331


6421 Hazeltine Blvd. Excelsior, MN 55331

What fields can we use for our team practices?

St. Therese and Freeman are not available M-Th due to the other games being played each night. Freeman is available Friday through Sunday, but St. Therese is not. We suggest finding any local community or city park with a suitable patch of grass. A full soccer field, with painted lines and permanent goals is not necessary to conduct a successful practice. Think about the environment in other countries and communities across the globe where soccer is popular and played with a passion. Many of these players are on concrete, dirt, clay, cobblestone, etc. using a ball constructed of fabric being kicked into a homemade goal or net. 

Additionally we have compiled a list of area parks that could be options for you. Do not contact the city, school, or municipal governing bodies to inquire about permits or usage. 


FAQs 6

Team pictures are scheduled for each Spring/Summer season only. This is considered the primary season for club soccer. Details about date/time/location will be available during the playing season.

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