Tonka Kickers

Little Juniors Spring-Summer: Tonka Kickers

Players: 4 year olds who won't start kindergarten until the fall of 2021

Registration will open winter 2021.

Each week, a Tonka United Trainer will lead the two teams on the field in roughly 15 minutes of skills games. Then the Tonka United Trainer will work with the team parent coaches to lead a 4 vs. 4 game. The game will consist of two 10 minute halves (running time). There are no goalkeepers. Note that Tonka Kickers teams do not have additional practices.


*Canceled due to COVID-19*

Start: mid-May 
Weekly Game Night: TBD 
Game Location: St. Therese of Deephaven
Weekly Practice Night: TBD 
Practice Location: TBD
End: June 27th - Tonka Blast Event

More Schedule Details

  • The season schedule will be released at the beginning of April. Games will be played Monday through Thursday nights.
  • Teams will play once a week over the course of the season - up to nine games, not including the Tonka Blast. Teams will also typically practice once per week during the season. Volunteer coaches will work with their teams to organize a practice schedule. 
  • The season ends with the Tonka Blast, a year-ending festival, on Saturday, June 27th. All teams will play scheduled games at the Tonka Blast, expect for those in high school. There will be a lot to do at the Blast, including concessions, food trucks, face painting, hair spray, bounce houses, and much more!
  • Teams are guaranteed seven games over the course of the season. Cancelled games will not be rescheduled, unless a team will be left with fewer than seven games.


During the registration process, you are given the chance to designate one friend with whom your child would like to play. During team formation, we will honor only one mutual friend request. This means that the friend must request your child as well in order for that request to be honored. For example, Sarah requests to be placed on a team with Anne, and Anne requests to be placed on a team with Sarah.

Beyond the friend request, we will also try to place players on a team with at least some players from their school. However, registration numbers and the number of players from each school dictate final team formation. 


Tonka Kickers: $85

Note that this does include the cost of uniforms. The Tonka Kickers fee includes a team color t-shirt, which can be picked up from the Tonka United office.

A $30 late fee applies after registration closes.