U9-U10 Select

Select 2012-2011 Players (U9-U10)

Player assessments for the 2020-2021 season took place on July 17th and 18th. There are still spaces available for those who missed the assessment. Please contact Competitive Coordinator Mary Henderson.


  • Enjoy soccer through playing the game and accomplishing individual improvement
  • Select program does not require the Academy program's high level of time and financial commitment
  • Compete in the State and Cities leagues offered in Minnesota's Twin Cities Soccer League (TCSL) and local tournaments
  • Train in the Select Pool (25-35 players) and individual teams
  • Coached by parent volunteer coaches amd Tonka United trainers
  • Player Development Curriculum provided, with oversight of Age Group Director
  • Teams are created evenly, with geographic location and friend requests considered


Fall Season (mid-August - October) Winter Training (November-March, NO January) Spring Season (April - mid-July) Tournaments
  • 2 weeknight practices
  • 1-2 weekend games in metro area
  • 1 weekly Select Pool practice
  • 3 practices/games throughout the week/weekend in metro area
  • 3-4 throughout fall and summer seasons
  • 1 will be the Tonka Splash


 Fall  Winter  Summer

If you have a game for one of your other sports and a practice for your other sport, go to the game. When practices conflict, split your time evenly between practices over the course of the season.

If you have a game or practice for your winter sport that conflicts with soccer, your winter sport takes precedent. 

Soccer practices and games come before other sports. This is our main season and needs to be the main priority. If conflicts do arise, please talk to your coaches.