Service Project Coordinator

1. Explore and select a service project for your team

  • Utilize your own ideas or the resources on the next slide to pick a service project for your team
  • Things to keep in mind:  allergies, age of kids, need for adult supervision, location (carpooling may be needed for families to make it work)

2. Select a service project date

  • It's important to connect with your coach and team manager with a recommended date and idea for the service project to make sure it works well with the team schedule.
  • A service project may be a great way to keep the team connected during the winter season or a great way to reengage going into spring.  It’s also a great way to bond during fall or spring.  Teams have done a service project right before a team party for instance but jamming a service project into a tournament weekend might be a little tiring for the kids for example.

3. Communicate the project, date, and timing to your team

  • Send an email/GroupMe/TeamSnap to your team to give them the information about the service project.  You may need to include a link for registration or track RSVPs.
  • Ask your Team Manager to put the event on the TeamSnap schedule

4. Execute the project & take pictures

  • Make sure to execute the project day of or ensure all the details and logistics are in place for others to execute
  • Send a  picture or 2 to the Pitch-In Program Lead, Sarah Ostendorf at and to TU staff, Kelly Loch at

5. Input the names of the player participants in the Google Form for Recognition by May 15th

  • In order to recognize the players that participated in the Pitch-In program, we need to have their names
  • Input the names of each of the players along with the team name, service project description, and any other info requested into the Google Form. Please double check spelling.
  • Click here for the Google Form when you’ve completed the project:

6. Deliver recognition to team before June 30th

  • An email will be sent when certificates are ready to be picked up.
  • Pick up and deliver certificates to players on your team.  Ideally a part of an end of season team party

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