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Key Qualities of a Tonka United Player (What we Look for and Develop)

Soccer Qualities

  1. Good Possession Habits (proper passing/dribbling technique, far foot, body position, angles)

  2. Game Understanding & Good Decision Making (reading the game in group/team play)

  3. Confidence & Composure on the Ball (courage under pressure to use skill & keep possession)

  4. Strong Work Ethic and Grit (determination, resourcefulness, creativity, adaptability)

  5. Athleticism (speed, agility, mobility, strength, explosiveness)

Personal Qualities

  1. Focus & Engagement to learn and apply

  2. Resilience & Optimism (ability to see failure/set back as a growth opportunity)

  3. Responsibility & Accountability for one’s own development

  4. Passion for the Game! (the byproduct of all of these!)

Player Development Philosophy

Tonka United's Player Development Philosophy is to create an enjoyable and game-like soccer environment focused on ball possession, where children can learn to read and understand the game through multiple decision-making situations with the ultimate goal of creating confident players who love to play the game.


Our Educational Philosophy

To teach life skills through soccer.
...through the lens of Tonka United's key player qualities: good habits, decision making, work ethic, passion, anticipation, resilience, confidence and responsibility.

Our Style of Play

At Tonka, our focus is ball possession through good possession habits to create decision making opportunities to better understand the game. When we lose the ball, it is vital for our players to get the ball back immediately (5-second rule) with proactive and high pressure defending. When we win the ball back, we show the value in retaining possession by focusing on “connecting the first pass.”  Our style of play demands our players learn to solve problems, learn from mistakes, and make autonomous decisions to further grow and develop as a soccer player.

Methodology - 5P

  1. Possession (Rondos). Possession Habits is the technical foundation. This is done through Conceptual Rondo’s (U10+) and confidence on the ball activities (U6-U12).
  2.  Pressing creates a mentality to get the ball back in transition to ultimately dictate possession. The 5-second rule utilized in our training environments will increase speed of play, competitiveness, fitness output, game-like intensity.
  3.  Positional/Functional Play allows for our players to learn and understand the game and make good decisions with teammates in a reality-based soccer environment.
  4.  Play-Based methodology allows us to help players Read & Understand the Game, through training sessions based on the 5 elements of a training activity.
  5.  Player Engagement is key to learning, enjoyment, making soccer cool, and keeping players in the game.


Tonka United Soccer Association

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Tonka United Soccer Association

18328 Minnetonka Blvd 
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Email: [email protected]
Phone: 952-475-9178

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