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U11-U12 Benchmarks

Player Benchmarks PDF

U11-U12 Practice Benchmarks

What players should be able to show you at practice (homework)

U11-U12 Individual Benchmarks

What players should be able to execute in game situations

U11-U12 Team Benchmarks

What teams and groups of players should be able to execute in game(s)

PLATFORM 1: U9-U10 Benchmarks

1.          Foundation Dribble (ZigZag touches)

Outside of foot push (rt), inside of foot cut back (rt), outside of foot push (left), inside of foot cut back (left)

  • Add double touch to each cut
  • Add shot fake and killer touch
  • Add other moves, fakes, etc.

2.    Skill-Check Champion!(competitive)

Inside of foot push OR laces pass to a partner standing 5-10 yards away.

  • If player passing cannot play accurate pass or ball flies off ground, receiver = 1 pt.
  • If receiving cannot absorb pass with 1st touch and control adequately, passer = 1 pt.
  • Play games to 5.

3.    Strike N’ Catch (minimum of 10 yards)

Partner Ball Striking: Player A attempts to strike ball in air so that Player B can catch the ball.

  • Measure longest distance and compete with others at practice

4.    Juggling

Keeping the ball up with feet or any other surface without using hands. Count total juggles before ball drops

Blue=20, White=10, Red=5

(add 5 for U12 players)

PLATFORM 1: U9-U10 Benchmarks

1.    Mastery of 1 v 1 situations (see U9-U10)

Beating Players 1 v 1 – demonstrating the confidence and competence to take players on and beat them 1 v 1.

Changing Directions – demonstrating the confidence and competence to take be deceptive and change directions to get out of pressure and away from defenders.

2.    Shielding

Protecting the ball with one’s body to keep away from opponent and pass to a teammate

3.    Passing Technique

  • Push Pass - use of inside of foot to pass to feet (keep possession) or into space (penetrating pass)
  • Outside of foot pass – off of dribble or quick pass in opponent’s half
  • Lead Pass – pass that beats a defender (space)
  • Pass and Move – Always Be Open! (open up)

4.    Receiving – 1st Touch

  • Receive and cushion ball with inside of foot
  • Receive across body with far foot

5.    Shooting Technique (see U9-U10)

  • Pass ball ON THE GROUND in corners when close - Finishing
  • Strike with laces when far – Shooting

PLATFORM 1: U9-U10 Benchmarks

1.    Possession Mentality – no Charlie Brown Boot-ball! (see U9-U10)

  • Play backwards to GK
  • Play Support = Angle + Distance
  • Expansion (get big!) to keep ball

2.    2 v 1 Fundamentals

  • When to pass, when to dribble
  • Pass w outside of foot off dribble
  • Give & Go – Dribble at Defender and take space then a quick short pass and run around defender to get the ball back

3.    Defending

  • Mentality = Immediate Chase
  • 1st Defender = Pressure the Ball & Contain the Attacker
  • 2nd Defender = Cover n’ Support the Ball to help your teammate
  • 3rd Defender = Balance and See Everything!
  • Goal side – Stand between attacker and goal
  • Compactness as a team and
  • Protect the Dangerous Area

4.    Build Up from GK – goal kicks

  • Play wide quickly and go! OR
  • Tuck-in, Seal (block opponent), Win Ball! OR
  • Challenge them to build up out of back (possession)
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