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2019 Player Assessment Information

Player Assessments took place on July 14th and 15th. There are still spaces available for those who missed the assessment. Please contact Mary Henderson, [email protected] for more information


U9/10 Players at Tonka United can participate in two different competitive soccer programs, the Academy Program or the Select Program. Placement in these programs is based on a player assessment that takes place each July.  As a club our goal is to give our families and players a great soccer experience by placing players at suitable levels for success. Both programs focus on teaching players how to train and play, with an emphasis on creating skilled soccer players through the mastery of technique and decision-making, with the Academy Program focused on the higher-level player.  

Tryout Information

Registration is currently open - register now through your account.  

For more information regarding tryouts, see our main tryout information page.

After assessments you will receive an email with your team placement. You will have 48 hours to accept your spot on the team. To accept, you will click ACCEPT and complete registration. You will have the option of paying in installments or in full. You are then considered registered with Tonka United. If you want to decline your team placement, then you will initially click ACCEPT and then NO.

When you first register, you will pay a $50 non-refundable assessment fee (whether or not you attend). This fee is figured into the overall registration fees and is not an additional fee. Once you accept your spot on a team, you will then pay an additional fee to complete the registration process.

Academy Program

Players compete at the Red/White Level in League - the highest levels in Minnesota TCSL League. Teams will participate in regional events during fall and spring (U10 Only), competitive winter events, and selected local tournaments. Requires a higher level of time and financial commitment. The focus of this program is to prepare and teach players how to train and play at the highest levels in Minnesota.
  • Will train in the Academy Pool (20-24 kids) 
  • Teams tiered Academy 1 and 2 at U10, teams formed evenly at U9
  • Player Development Curriculum provided, with oversight of Age Group Director
  • Fall Season begins mid-August thru October
  • Winter Training, led by Academy Coach and/or Age Group Staff Coaches
  • Spring Season begins April thru mid-July

Academy Calendar and Multi-Sport Expectations

General Calendar

Fall: 2 Weeknight practices and 1-2 games on the weekend
*Games take place within the metro

Winter: 2 Sessions a week run as a combination of Tonka United staff and Academy Coaches

Spring/Summer: 3-4 Days of soccer per week. This is a combination of practice and games.
*Games take place within the metro

Tournaments: 3-4 throughout the soccer year. One will be the Tonka Splash (takes place on our home fields)
*U10 Academy will place 1-2 out of state events. U9 will stay within the metro area.

Multi-sport Player Expectations

Fall: Soccer practices/games come before the other sport. It needs to be the priority.
If a consistent conflict does arise talk with coaches.

Winter: We understand players will participate in other sports. Players and families are asked to make an effort to attend at much as possible.
If consistent conflicts arise please reach out and we will find alternative training times. 

Spring/Summer: Soccer practices/games come before the other sport. It needs to be the priority.
If a consistent conflict does arise talk with coaches.

Select Program

Players competing at the White/Blue Level (TCSL) in league play. Teams will participate in local tournaments.
  • Will train in a pool with other Select Teams (fall and winter)
  • Teams are created evenly, geographic location and friend requests considered
  • Player Development Curriculum provided
  • Fall Season begins mid-August thru October
  • Winter practices/training sessions led by Tonka United Staff Coach 
  • Spring Season begins April thru mid-July
  • All head coaches are parent volunteers (provided with curriculum and guidelines from Directors and Staff)

Select Calendar and Multi-sport Expectations

General Calendar

Fall: 2 Weeknight Practices and 1-2 games on the weekend
Games take place within the metro area

Winter: 1-2 Age Group Skill Sessions weekly run by our professional staff

Spring/Summer: 3 soccer days a week. This is a combination of practices and games
Games take place within the metro area

Tournaments: 3-4 throughout the course of the year. One is Tonka Splash. Others within metro area

Multi-sport Player Expectations

Fall: Game trumps practice (either sport). If practices line up directly split evenly.

Winter: If your winter sport has a game or practice that conflicts with your soccer practice/game time, the winter sport takes precedence. 

Spring/Summer: Soccer practices and games come before the other sport. Soccer should be the main priority. If conflict does arise talk with coach.

Projected 2019-20 Teams

2011 (U9) Boys and Girls
Academy 2 Teams
Select 2-3 Teams

2010 (U10) Boys and Girls
Academy 2 Teams
Select 3-4 Teams

*Number of teams and level may change based on registration numbers and player assessment evaluations. Our goal is to put players in the best developmental opportunity.

Academy Lead Coach

2011 Girls (U9): Jason Trucano

2011 Boys (U9): Kellen Johnson

2010 Girls (U10): Chris Swenson

2010 Boys (U10): Scott Helling-Christy

Director and Staff

9/10 Age Group Director: Kelly Taylor



  • Director since 2010
  • USSF Youth License; NSCAA "Advanced National" Diploma; NSCAA Goalkeeper Level 1 Diploma
  • Current Girl's Varsity Assistant Coach at Benilde-St. Margaret's
  • Former Cottage Grove Technical Director
  • 10+ years of High School Varsity Coaching (Minnetonka, Eden Prairie) - 2 MSHSL "AA" Championships
  • B.A from University of Minnesota

    Contact Kelly

Staff Coach: Scott Helling-Christy


  • USSF "C" license
  • Tonka United Coach since 1987
  • Current Girls's Varsity Coach at Benilde- St. Margaret's - 4 MSHSL "A" Championships
  • 25+ Years of High School Coaching (Benilde- St. Margaret's)

Player Development Trainers:

Trainers will be working with specific age groups throughout the year. They provide assistance to team coaches and help run sessions and attend games throughout the year. They work directly with the Age Group Director to deliver Tonka United's specific curriculum and ensure the coaching methodology is being implemented to all teams. 

2011 Girls: TBA


2011 Boys: David Christensen


2010 Girls: Alison Tsuchiya Theiler


2010 Boys: David Christensen


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