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U9/U10 Tonka United Player Benchmarks

Player Benchmarks PDF

U9-U10 Practice Benchmarks

What players should be able to show you at practice (can do at home also!)

U9-U10 Individual Benchmarks

What players should be able to execute in game situations

U9-U10 Team Benchmarks

What teams and groups of players should be able to execute in game

Toes down and in, use laces
Small touches, Keep ball close

2.    Killer Touch (1v1)

Explosive touch with outside of laces to go around opponent

3.    Fast Footwork

Toe taps with sole of foot
Inside and outside cuts
Foundation dribble
Pull-push dribble

4.    Chaos Dribble Activity (coaching)

4 or 6 cones around outside of circle
2-3 players at each cone
Each player with ball
First player from each line dribbles across to other side w/out collision

5.    Skill-Check (Passing & Receiving)

Inside of foot push pass (Toe up, heel down, ankle locked) to partner (5-10 yds)
If player cannot play accurate pass or ball flies off ground, receiver = 1 pt.
If receiver cannot absorb pass with 1st touch and control, passer = 1 pt.
Play games to 5.

6.    1-Bounce Juggling

Keeping ball up with feet with one bounce allowed between each juggle

Maroon=10, Gold=5

(add 5 for U10 players)

1.    Mastery of 1 v 1 situations

Beating Players 1 v 1 – demonstrating the confidence and competence to take players on and beat them 1 v 1.

Using Killer Touch

Using Fakes to change direction & speed

Using Shot fake

Changing Directions – demonstrating the confidence and competence to take be deceptive and change directions to get out of pressure and away from defenders.

Inside Cut, Outside Cut, Sole Pull in front of body/Pull Back, and Wild Card/other

Shielding – Boss of the Ball 

Protecting the ball with one’s body (knowing when to, and when not to)

2.    Push Pass

Use of inside of foot–ankle locked, toe up

3.    1st Touch – Soft and Away  

Receive and cushion ball with inside of foot, taking 1st touch away from pressure

4.    Shooting Technique

Toe down, ankle locked, use “sweet spot”
3rd-4th inside eyelet up the foot

1.    Possession Mentality – no Charlie Brown Boot-ball!

Controlling ball, not booting it.
Make decision to dribble or pass
Playing backwards to go forward

2.    Ball Mastery and Confidence

Players in ALL positions should show possession thru dribbling.

3.    Proper Passing

Knowing when to pass
when a defender is on
when someone is open in front of them – lead pass

4.    2 v 1 Fundamentals

When to pass, and when to dribble.
Take your space before passing.

5.    1st and 2nd Defender

Immediate Chase & Pressure
Contain and keep attacker in front
Cover & support to help teammates
Goal side between opponent & goal

6.    Team Defending-Dangerous Area

Compactness in front of goal

7.    Build Up from GK – goal kicks

Play wide quickly and go, OR
Find a way to build and keep ball out of back

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