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Spring/Summer Recreational Soccer Program

Tonka United offers a summer recreational league. This program is open to players age four through high school.  The season starts in late April and wraps up at the end of June (with one exception - Tonka Kickers, our coed program for players who are at least four but have not yet started preschool, doesn't start until the middle of May). 

Registration for the 2018 summer league will open in January 2018. Because of the later start date, registration for Tonka Kickers will open slightly later. Players should register for the grade they are currently enrolled in (for example, a player currently in 1st grade should register for a 1st grade league).

All teams are coached by parent volunteers - you can register as a volunteer while registering your child for the summer league. Tonka United will host a mandatory meeting for parent volunteer coaches in the middle of April, a couple weeks before the start of the season.

Note that league details are subject to change.

Season Schedule

The season will start in late April with Kickoff Week. Kickoff Week is an opportunity for players to meet teammates and coaches and for Tonka United to help prepare coaches and teams for the upcoming season. The Kickoff Week session for each team will appear as the first game on their schedules.

Tonka United staff and trainers will work with pre-kindergarten and kindergarten teams during Kickoff Week, leading teams in a few skills games (a sort of mini-practice) and a scrimmage.  Older teams - those in 1st grade and above - will scrimmage.

Including the Kickoff Week session, teams will typically play nine or ten games - one each week of the season. Teams also typically practice once per week during the season. Volunteer coaches will work with their teams to organize a practice schedule.

The season ends with the Tonka Blast, and year-ending festival. All teams - except for those in the high school league - will play scheduled games at the Tonka Blast. There will also be a lot to do at the Blast - concessions, food trucks, face painting, hair spray, bounce houses, and much more!



Costs are subject to change before registration opens.

Tonka Kickers (includes a shirt) $80
Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten $105
1st through 12th grade $140

A $30 late fee applies after registration closes.


Uniforms can be ordered directly through General Sports - order using the following URL: Per General Sports, please copy the URL and paste it in to your browser (this prevents issues with the online ordering system).

Note that the Tonka United rec program typically uses a uniform set for three years. The current uniform set was first used for the summer 2017 season. This means that, if you ordered a uniform last summer or fall, you can continue to use the same uniform set. (This also means that we plan to use the current set for summer 2018, fall 2018, summer 2019, and summer 2019.) If you do not have this set, please order through the above link. Players are required to wear the current uniform set.

If a player has outgrown the uniform and needs a new one, or needs specific parts of the set, that can be done through the ordering link as well.

The game schedule will indicate which team is home and which is away for each game. The home team should always wear the blue uniform top, and the away team should always wear the red uniform top. Tonka United recommends always bringing both uniform tops to all games (just to be safe).

Game Information

Teams in Tonka Kickers, pre-kindergarten, and kindergarten leagues will play their games at St. Therese. Games will start at either 5:30 PM or 6:45 PM.

Teams in the 1st grade and 2nd grade leagues will play their games at Freeman Park or at St. Therese. Games at Freeman will start at either 5:45 or 7:15 PM. Games at St. Therese will start at either 5:30 or 6:45. Teams and schedules will be put together so that teams are able to play most or all of their games at the location closest to their homes or schools. Note that final teams and schedules are dependent on final registration numbers.

Teams in 3rd grade, 4th/5th grade, and 6th/7th grade leagues will play their games at Freeman Park. Games will start at 5:45 PM or 7:15 PM.

Teams in the 8th/HS coed league will play their games at Minnewashta Elementary School. Final game times are to be determined. Games in this league will be played on two nights each week - teams will play on either Monday or Wednesday during a given week.

Grades might be combined, depending on registration numbers. In recent season, 4th and 5th grade players have been combined, 6th and 7th grade players have been combined, and 8th grade and high school players have been combined in one (coed) league. These details are subject to change, based on final registration numbers.

Teams will play on the following nights:

 Day Boys Girls
Monday Pre-k, 1st, 4th/5th, 8th/HS (coed) 8th/HS (coed)
 Tuesday Tonka Kickers (coed) Tonka Kickers (coed), Pre-k, 2nd, 4th/5th, 6th/7th
 Wednesday6th/7th, 8th/HS (coed) Kindergarten, 1st, 8th/HS (coed) 
 Thursday Kindergarten, 2nd, 3rd3rd 

Note that games will not be played on Memorial Day (teams that play Monday games will play that game another night). Game nights and times are subject to change.

Team Formation

During the registration process, you are given the chance to designate one friend with whom your child would like to play. During team formation, we will honor only one mutual friend request. This means that that friend must request your child as well in order for that request to be honored (for example, Sarah requests to be placed on a team with Anne, and Anne request to be placed on a team with Sarah).

Beyond the friend request, Tonka United will also try to place players on a team with at least some other players from their school. However, registration numbers and the number of players from each school dictate final team formation.

League Format

Tonka Kickers

Each week, a Tonka United trainer will lead the two teams on the field in roughly 15 minutes of skills games. Then the trainer will work with the team parent coaches to lead a 4 vs. 4 game. The game will consist of two 10 minute halves (running time). There are no goalkeepers. Note that Tonka Kickers teams do not have additional practices.

Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten

Each week, teams will play one 4 vs. 4 game. Games will consist of four 10 minute quarters. There are no referees - games are led and managed by parent coaches. There are no goalkeepers. Teams will also practice once per week.

1st Grade and Older

Each week, teams will play one game - 1st and 2nd Grade teams will play 5 vs. 5 (including goalkeepers), 3rd grade through 6th/7th grade will play 7 vs. 7 (including goalkeepers), and 8th/HS will play 9 vs. 9 (including goalkeepers). Referees will be present to manage the games.

Picture Days

Individual and team pictures are typically done in May. A final date and the picture schedule will be posted and sent out when available.


Pre-School Coed (Includes t-shirt)            $80    
Pre-Kindergarten                                    $105 + $40 uniform    
Kindergarten                                           $105  
1st-12th grade                                        $140 
A $30 late fee applies after registration closes on February 27th.


Pre-School Coed (Includes t-shirt)            $80    
Pre-Kindergarten                                    $105 + $40 uniform    
Kindergarten                                           $105  
1st-12th grade                                        $140 
A $30 late fee applies after registration closes on February 27th.

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